The Partners

Bryan Clay

Bryan is a world-class athlete whose passion for health and fitness has been a driving principle in his life. Bryan attended Azusa Pacific University on a full athletic scholarship where he competed in the Decathlon. Bryan’s athletic career led him to ultimately win the Silver Medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Gold Medal in the 2005 World Championships and, his ultimate achievement, the Gold Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His margin of victory of 240 points set him far apart from his competition and anchored his title as the “World’s Greatest Athlete”.

Bryan is Founder and CEO of the Bryan Clay Foundation that seeks to help youth become fulfilled, productive members of society who are passionate about giving back. Bryan is also Founder of Bryan Clay, Inc., a platform that he uses to encourage and promote an active, healthy lifestyle for better living. Bryan was recognized with Visa’s Humanitarian of the Year award in 2011, the ASAMA’s All Around Award (the Jim Thorpe Award), and the Athlete of the Year Award (the Jesse Owen’s Award) for USA Track & Field in 2008.


Ed Leonard

In his 15-year tenure at DreamWorks Animation, Ed has served in a number of senior leadership roles including Chief Technology Officer for over ten years. As part of the senior leadership team at DreamWorks Animation, Ed played an essential role in the studio’s business growth into a premier family entertainment company. Ed also served as a new business development executive where he was focused on creating new business opportunities for DreamWorks Animation. In 2012, Ed served as co-founder and CEO of Ptch, a social media startup company incubated and backed by DreamWorks Animation. Yahoo acquired Ptch in 2013.

In his nearly twenty-year entertainment industry experience, Ed has made a material contribution to twenty-one of the top fifty animated films of all time. Fast Company has recognized Ed as #23 on the list of “100 Most Creative People” and #5 on the list of “10 Most Creative People in Movies and Television”. He holds degrees in Computer Science/Math and has provided consulting and advisory contributions for several startups and industry-leading technology companies such as Intel, AMD, HP, and Redhat.